Bone Cancer

The primary cancer:

It is a fairly rare cancer that develops rather in children or young adults, and is found on a bone of the body, usually in the femur, near the knee.

These tumors are osteosarcomas or fibrosarcomas, chrondrosarcomas, …: their name varies according to the cells affected.

Secondary cancer of the bones:

It is a metastasis of a primary cancer that has developed in another organ, most often it is at the root of cancer of the kidney, kidney, prostate, thyroid or lung . The malignant cells of these primitive cancerous tumors were then grafted onto the bones.

Any bone can be touched: ribs, pelvic bones, long limb bones, skull bones, vertebrae …

Bone metastases are most often secondary to visceral cancer. They can also be due to a neighboring invasion from a tumor located near the bone tissue or blood tissue (hematology: blood disease). Bone metastases are most often revealed by spontaneously occurring bills or after minimal trauma (referred to as spontaneous fractures). Primary cancers, responsible for bone metastases, are most often cancers of the breast, lungs, prostate, thyroid, and digestive tract. Metastases are likely to occur when the primary cancer is unknown and some patients show previously silent cancer. The treatment of bone metastases involves hormone therapy (use of

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